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These days people are having such busy lifestyles that they don’t have time to open or close their garage doors by themselves. And to solve this problem Gate Los Angeles is there for you. To open or close your garage door by sitting at your place would be the best change in your life, making your life easier. And you can continue doing your other house chores by sitting at your place. Gate Los Angeles has a numerous range of garage doors that you can operate at any time and at any place in the world all you need to have your mobile phone or tablet connected to your garage door using the internet. Isn’t it amazing?

Operate your garage door by sitting at your place

What would be more amazing and relaxing than operating your garage door by sitting at your place, yes you listened to it right? Gate Los Angeles provides you the facility of opening or closing your garage door by sitting in any area of the world. And for that, all you need to have is a built-in camera, Wi-Fi, 2-way sound, and most importantly any smartphone or tablet. Suppose you are out for a meeting or any other work and your relative or any friend comes to your house to meet you, it would be embarrassing for them to stand all alone outside your house. In this situation Gate Los Angeles will help you with the help of their automatic garage door openers, you can access your garage door from any place. So you’ll open the garage door of your house for them so that they can relax in your absence.

Increase the security of your house

By installing the small garage door openers you can increase the security of your house, as you can continuously notice what’s happening in your garage. As the cameras of Gate Los Angeles are so good in quality that you can easily notice who’s sneak peeking in your garage, they not only identify the motion of an individual but also the facial expressions. A person can be visible at night time also, as Gate Los Angeles cameras have a night vision feature also, you can detect any unauthorized person at any place near your garage door by using your 360-degree rotating camera. What would be the benefit of installing such a good quality camera? You can detect any person easily whether it’s an unauthorized person, an uncalled guest, or your kids going outside, in this way you can easily decide when to open the garage door and when not.

You can give access to any person you want

Gate Los Angeles provides you the facility that it’s not only you, who can have access to the garage door but you can give access to others also according to your willingness. This can be done in different ways like if you want to give someone temporary access for a day or some couple of hours you can choose that from your smartphone. Or if you want to give permanent access to someone whom you trust like your husband, siblings, parents, or other relations, you can do that also by using your mobile phone app or as elaborated by Gate Los Angeles. It’s up to you for how much time you want to give access to anyone.

What does a 2-way audio system do?

Well along with the cameras of your smart garage door openers, there is a 2-way audio system installed in them. Gate Los Angeles has provided the facility of the 2-way audio system to make your life much easier and convenient. As you can have a conversation with anyone standing at your garage door, suppose you want to talk to a mailman by sitting at your place, you can do that by using your smartphone or tablet. You can easily increase or decrease the volume of your audio system and can connect or disconnect your microphone according to your will. Gate Los Angeles has made your life so comfy and at ease that you can’t even think. You don’t have to go to your garage door and then deal with the person, whom you are not interested in.

What to do in case of an out of power supply?

In case you are peacefully laying on your bed at night and suddenly the power supply of your house goes down, and after some time someone arrives at your garage door. Now what to do in this situation? Don’t worry Gate Los Angeles has the answer to your question? As there are battery backups at your smart garage doors, you’ll have continuous access to your garage door no matter what the situation is. And also there are sensors installed at your smart garage door through which your garage door will detect and give an alarm if anyone unauthorized tries to enter your house.

You forgot whether you have closed your garage door or not?

In case you were hurrying out for a meeting in your office and after reaching your office you’ll be thinking about your garage door whether you have closed it or not. This will not let you focus on your office task and you’d be worried all the time. So don’t worry about this situation as smart garage doors installed by Gate Los Angeles also have the option of checking your garage door status whether your garage door is closed or not. This will make your life much easier and you can focus on other tasks easily. So don’t wait for more days and make your life easier, give us a call and our expert workers will give you the best services.

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