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Gates and Doors Installation Services

When you move from one city to another and build your new house for the residence you must need a gate service. So, if you’re living in Los Angeles, we provide you different gate services and the installation of doors according to your needs. We also provide you the installation of different kinds of gates along with the other services of maintenance and repairing.


Los Angeles gates is a company based in Los Angeles providing you the facility of having an easy installation of gates of different materials like metal, wood, etc. And also satisfy you with the high quality and long term warranty. We aim to provide the customer with the installation of all kinds of gates along with their installation and repairing. We try our best to provide you with the best technicians and gate dealers. If you want to change the old gates we give you the facility of well-designed automatic and sliding doors made of iron and aluminum to give your homes a finishing touch according to your need.


When building a new home it’s necessary to add a well-designed residential gate for your security as well as privacy and to increase the value of your home. So, Los Angeles Gates provides you the facility of those residential gates ranging from different materials like fiberglass, iron, wood, or aluminum and customized according to your need.

Several services are provided that include:

Residential Gates:

Residential Gates
  • Installation of automatic residential gates with the help of an expert team and giving you the surety of your secure homes as well as best designs of gates according to your requirements.
  • Automatic gates do facilitate you but they also come up with many issues from time to time. But that shouldn’t be a problem.
  • If there is any problem regarding your gate, that might be a noisy gate or the gate is off track or might be the chain of the gate is broken, you can easily resolve that problem as we are just one call away.
  • Well if there is a problem that your gate is expired or the iron is rotten or any other issue, our team will be anytime available for you to replace that gate and get your problem fixed in no time.

Commercial Gate:

Commercial Gate
  • Los Angeles Gates and Garage doors team provides you the facility of gates for your business or working property as well, as it is necessary so that thieves may not have easy access to your property.
  • Like other doors or gates your commercial gates also need maintenance and repair from time to time that may include greasing, cleaning, painting, etc., so along with the installation of gates, we provide you their fixation and repair.

Installation of Gates:

Gates are an essential part of your house or business property as they give you proper safety and peace of mind, the surety your property is safe all the time. So, if you are a resident of Los Angeles we assure you of the installation of any type of gate whether it’s automatic, manual, or double gates. We provide you the installation of any material gates according to your desired needs.

Gate Repair:

Gate Repair

What if you installed a gate and it doesn’t work properly? This would be more stressful. All you have to do is to get the expert services of Los Angeles gates. We work in the best way possible to satisfy the customer’s needs. You don’t have to worry as our Los Angeles specialists are there to deal with any type of issue.

  • If you have an issue with gate openers you can rely on Los Angeles Gates for the best solution.
  • Driveway gates make sure that only authorized people can enter into that specific area along with their vehicle, and when it doesn’t work properly how could it be able to prevent the unauthorized person. So the Los Angeles Gates team will provide you proper solutions to your issues and maintenance.

Electric Gates:

Electric Gates

Los Angeles Gates is a well-developed company that provides you the facility of installation of electric gates. It may seem easy to install those electric gates but there are several things to keep in mind. So, to install those electric gates so our Los Angeles Gates experts and technicians will deal with any problem regarding repairing or installation in the best way possible.

Sliding Gates:

Sliding Gates

Sliding gates provide you the best security and less space than swing gates. It also saves your money as you have to implement only 1 motor. So, Los Angeles Gates can design you a sliding gate of any material.

Swing Gates:

Swing Gates

Los Angeles Gates provides you the facility of swing gates that add incredible value to your house. On every project, our team of experts works in every way possible to give your house security and design on the exterior, as electromagnetic locks are applied on swing gates with a variety of access controls.

Overhead Gates:

Overhead Gates

If you want your property to have security gates that occupy less space you can go for overhead gates that Los Angeles Gates expertise can install for you.

Garage Door Services:

  • Garage Door Repair
  • Garage Door Installation
  • Steel Garage Doors
  • Wood Garage Doors
  • Glass Garage Doors
  • Custom Garage Doors

Areas Served:

There are several areas that the Los Angeles Gates team covers for the installation and repairing of gates that include:

  • Gates Services Los Angeles
  • Gates Tarzana
  • Gates Santa Monica
  • Gates Repair Services in Beverly Hills
  • Gates West Hollywood
  • Gates Sherman Oaks
  • Gates Woodland Hills
  • Gates Encino
  • Gates Studio City
  • Gates Malibu
  • Gates Agoura Hills
  • Gates Westwood CA

Los Angeles Gates provides you with the best gate materials and easy installation of gates appropriate for your house and other business property. If there is any damage to your gate or if it gets rusty or any other problem, Los Angeles Gates has a better solution for you. We are just one call away lying in the heart of Los Angeles, serving you with the best services we can regarding gates or Garage Doors.

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