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You always want the best for your house. If you have built a new home or renovation is in process and you need electric sliding gates residential. Gate Los Angeles is at your service. Ideal for larger entrances with limited space, our selection of electric sliding gates can fully adjust according to your unique style and your operational needs. This gate displays the open-saving design and shear open instead of swinging into or out. Slide sliding can be designed with the lower track system for more conventional applications or with the cantilever track system as the optimal solution. Unlike the bottom track gate, the Cantilevered Slide Open system without contacting the ground, making it ideal for the condition of snowy winter weather.

Shear sliding is ideal for a property with limited entrance space, where the swing gate will be too narrow.

The traditional sliding gate slides along the track.

Commercial gate
Commercial Gate

This type of gate is easily maintained compared to traditional slide gates, which can collect ice, snow, and leaves in their trips.

Gate Los Angeles experts are ready to listen and answer questions that you might have! Our professional technicians can install most garage door making and models. We will also educate you on your replacement residential gate system features. Gate Los Angeles is a locally owned and operated company that provides garage door repair, service, and installation. We are committed to providing quality services at affordable prices.

Or, you can choose a system that supports WiFi. Certain gate operators can be linked to your smartphone, allowing you to open and close your gate and watch the gate activities from anywhere. Gate Los Angeles brings you electric sliding gates residential. Our technicians can help you decide which gate is best for your needs and your house.


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