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Gates Tarzana!! Tarzana is an area in the San Fernando Valley section of the city of Los Angeles. Tarzana is on the property of a previous ranched owned by Edgar Rice Burroughs, the author. The city got its name from Tarzan, who is Burroughs fictional hero.

If you live in this great neighborhood, having a reliable gate service company like Los Angeles Gates & Garage Doors to help you out is precisely what you require. We deal in providing a host of garage door and gate maintenance and installation services to individuals who live in Tarzana.

Some of the services we offer include Metal gates installation, Repair, and installation of sliding gates, repair of Electric gates among many others. We can also effectively maintain and service the gates and garage door of your property. Regardless of the kind of gate you own, we have experts that can aid you in handling your requirements. The services we offer consist of gate track repair, gate motor repair, and many others.

Tarzana Gate Experts

Our professional gate and garage doors installation professionals have the capacity to provide you with services 24 hours daily. As a result of daily usage, garage doors and gates issues can crop up at any moment. Regardless of when your gate or garage door gives you a problem. You can contact us and our expert will aid you in sorting the issue out as fast as possible.

Garage door and gates face one major issue. And that is the problem with the door opener refusing to function or the motor refusing to work. Our technicians are well skilled. They can diagnose the issue as well as any other hidden issues with your gate or garage door.

Our professionals also understand how crucial time is to you and ensure we fix your gate as quickly as possible. This is without compromising the quality of the job done. Our professionals also come equipped with state of the art equipment which helps them in quickly getting the job done. For the best prices, our experienced technicians will aid you in installing gates as quickly as possible.

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Gates Tarzana

Repair, Installation, Custom and supply services – we are in at all time.

As one of the largest and longest established gate and garage door business in Los Angeles Tarzana, we can boast of our enviable track records as gate specialists and garage door in all of our area of specialization which include Custom Gates Tarzana, Gate Repair Tarzana, and Gates Installation Tarzana. Keeping a good business relationship with all key manufacturers, we at Gates Tarzana can deliver a very wide range of standard and bespoke tailer-made products. We also run an extensive stock of spares; this is done to keep your doors and gates in maximum satisfactory condition.  Gates Repair Tarzana provides a full range of repair services ranging from automatic and manual gates, security window shutters, industrial doors, automatic sliding glass doors, operating gear as well as intercom and access control systems.


An expert is an individual who has an intense and protracted experience through practice, regular training and re-training, and education in his or her field of study and as such are our sufficient number of professional engineers at Gates Installation Tarzana exhibit the above to guarantee proper installation and maintenance according to laid down rules. Furthermore, we make sure that your garage doors, gates, awnings and parking including the security system are eye-catching and work perfectly. If you really want the best, don’t hesitate to consult and hire services.


In the processes of installation, Gate Tarzana Installation makes safety paramount importance. We keenly foster on protection issues at all available opportunity.  We provide our staffs in this unit with all necessary information and training so as to carry out an accident-free exercise and of course meeting the rules and regulations guiding the industry, whilst also ensuring the safety of our clients who are the end users.


Gate Tarzana offers free training courses to all our staff with a course precisely committed to safety, standards, and force testing. In the training, our area of coverage includes an explanation of the machinery directive and relevant American standards. Furthermore, technical file requirement, installer responsibilities, CE marking and declaration of conformity, types of safety edges and their controllers, practical force testing demonstration, as well as force limitation requirements, is included.


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