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Gates Beverly Hills!! Beverly Hills is one of the popular cities in California. It is well known as the residence of lots of celebrities. At Los Angeles Gates & Garage Doors, we provide the best installation and repair services for gates and doors.

Why do our customers love our services?

Placing our priority on customer satisfaction, we at Los Angeles Gates & Garage Doors ensure we provide top-quality services. The safety of lives and property is also very important. We provide repair services and installation services with quick delivery time and prompt response to requests from customers.

Beverly Hills Gate installation Services

Our gate installation services include the installation of manual and automatic gates and doors. A lot of homeowners now prefer to have automatic gates in their home since these gates are more convenient to use. We also offer the installation of garage doors in the home.

Experts who have the necessary qualifications for a top-quality job perform our installation services. Gates and door installation requires trust between the homeowner and the company. These are your first defense against intruders. To ensure the safety of our customers, we perform a background check on every individual before receiving clearance to work at the company.

Emergency Gate Repair in Beverly Hills

A gate which is stuck in a particular position, one that won’t open, or another that doesn’t close, can limit your movement using your car. The same applies to your garage doors. This is a type of repair which needs to be done as soon as possible. It is common to see gates and garage doors get damaged in various homes. Considering the regular usage of the gates and doors, this is not surprising. Garage door springs can get weaker with daily use. This can result in a broken or damaged spring. Automatic gates can also develop faults during use. These faults include an obstruction in a sliding gate path, increase in noise levels, an issue with the remote control, obstruction of sensors by insects, and so on.

These are some issues which require an emergency response from our experts. Maintenance and repairs of garage doors and gates are common tasks which they perform on a daily basis.

At Los Angeles Gates & Garage Doors, we make sure homeowners don’t need to go a day without the use of their gates or garage doors with our emergency services.


Since its inception, Beverly-hills gate has been serving clients across it area of jurisdiction, rendering second to none quality automatic gate and access control product and services. We operate with best suppliers in the business to deliver you a product that you can be rest assured that it will keep and your property safe and secure. Our entire product are approved products, including those we custom fabricate in-house.

Considering our brilliant team of technicians, fabricators and project managers, the goal is clear: to provide the innovative solutions and top-quality products that best suit you. We aim to go beyond your expectations at every turn, with prompt, efficient services whenever and wherever you want it. Our team which is segmented into “Custom Gates Beverly Hills”, “Gate Repair Beverly Hills”, and “Gates Installation Beverly Hills” are constantly upgrading their skills and knowledge to maintain the latest developments in and technology in the industry.


At Gate Beverly hills, we provide a true end-to-end service, from custom design and fabrication through Custom Gates Beverly Hills” to installation through Gates Installation Beverly Hills” as well as maintenance and repair with the aid of our Gate Repair Beverly Hills unit. This implies that we have control over all aspects of every project, so you can trust that quality is never compromised.

Moreover, our maintenance and repair unit are available 24/7 for any urgent cases that could arise. This means that support for any gate related challenges you are experiencing is just a phone call away.


Our custom fabrication service encompasses design, technical drawing, fabrication as well as installation, allowing us to provide your specific needs for a project. We also work in stainless steel, aluminum or black steel. Whether it’s adding a professional touch or shaping a solution to a particular environment, our team will get the assignment done right.

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